Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moving Time

After over 2 1/2 years and 700+ posts here on Blogspot I'm making the move over to WordPress just like I mentioned a post or two ago. No beefs here; just time to try another platform and learn something new.

You can find the new blog at and linked on the right sidebar. It is called 'Unmerited Gifts'.

In the newspaper business when an edition is wrapped or the paper ceases business they do this:

See you at the new digs......


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching Up On Kudos / Credit

A couple of weeks ago I posted about being prompted / inspired to return to lending my hand to some form of artwork or another. I've been fortunate here in getting to see, and know a little bit, some very talented writers, photographers, artists and hobbyists. The prompt to action has been brewing for quite awhile and I've gained that inspiration through seeing the work of various people - Kel at 'the xfacta' through her 'Art Attack' challenges, Robin at 'Bountiful Healing', Lea at 'Lea Kelley Saying Thank You For...', among a number of others.....

In this post, I singled out QuoinMonkey's series on mandalas over at 'red Ravine' for getting me going on them. I downloaded some and have spent a bit of time using my new art supplies colouring them in - getting used to the materials and working with them and the colours again; tuning my eye and hands in.

The other person I credit with providing that nudge into action is QM's partner at 'red Ravine', ybonesy, with her series of posts regarding the evolution and process of a brilliant graphic she produced. yb periodically attaches what she refers to as her 'doodles' to her posts but these posts took it all to a higher level. The initial one that really caught my eye described the process, her inspiration and the materials she chose - you can see it here in 'The Making of a Painter':
A couple of weeks later the finished project appeared here - scroll down to 'The Other':
...and a few days later a variation on the theme:
Powerful stuff to be sure.

Thanks again QM. Thanks ybonesy. Thanks to everyone who has provided positive example and encouragement. I needed that!

Oh - come see the new me over at

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've done some prep work on a new blog at WordPress (which I haven't properly named as yet, or I'll keep this name) but you can see it at:

Let me know what you think of the set-up and please, any tips or hints you might have are always appreciated.

I'll likely continue to post here while I work the bugs out there (or do dual posts) for a while anyway.

BTW, this is the 700th post here at Constant Change!! Woo-Hoo!!



Well, today will be a long one -- I was up early to cut the lawn before coming to work. By dinner time I was ready for a nap but showered and dressed for work instead. There are another few hours to go before I can leave for home again.

It's a quiet night here - the house population has dipped again; less than 15 guys... and the phones have been still. Since I completed my assigned work I've:

-caught up on all my blog friend's posts;

-played around with some of my new art supplies; did a mandala with oil pastel; checked out the selection of conte crayons

-listened to some Susan Tedeschi (Hope & Desire), Jeff Beck (Official USA Bootleg '07) and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (Raising Sand).

For some reason I wasn't expecting to like 'Raising Sand' much; preconceived notions, I suppose. By the time I'd heard 4 or 5 songs I was getting sold on it and once it was over I wanted to hear it all again with fresh ears. T-Bone Burnett's song selection and production for this album are flawless. This unlikely vocal pairing of Plant and Krauss sounds effortless and yet is hauntingly beautiful.

'Please Read The Letter' video link.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hamster-On-The-Wheel Mind

Much as I had cheerier things on my mind to write about tonight, I'm stuck.

Back before Christmas my friend, mentor and fellow group member Terry found out he had been diagnosed with and was then treated for an aggressive form of prostrate cancer. This was in the weeks leading up to he and his wife leaving for their winter long vacation in Florida. He was also informed at the time that the cancer had spread to his bones but that it was a much slower growing form of the disease. Since arriving home a couple of weeks ago he has had further tests and he gets those results Wednesday.

Earlier on tonight he was asked to speak at our home group meeting and gave a really good, thoughtful AA talk. Toward the end of it he began talking about this diagnosis and the fact that he has a timeline which has been given him leading to his ultimate demise. Best guess given the initial results: 2 to 4 years tops. Given that he has had months now to think about it I'm not surprised he was able to speak about it in such a straight-forward way but it certainly choked me up to think of this world without him in it.

The gist of the end of his message: no one leaves this earth alive..... do live to your potential each day..... continue to be of service to others; it allows you to shift the focus off your self.... retain your sanity through active practices toward maintaining your sobriety..... you determine how happy you are with your life.

I wish tonight I felt as balanced and unflappable as he sounded. I so hope his news is good come Wednesday.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

What Horizon?

While running a few errands yesterday I took a brief time-out for a walk through (the appropriately named) Lakeview Park. It has among other things a beach area, volleyball nets, soccer fields, ball diamonds, a bandshell, a few relocated historic buildings, b-b-q's and picnic areas... it covers quite an area. This top shot is looking east along the north shore of Lake Ontario.

The colour of the water was almost a perfect match for that of the sky and with a bit of haze rising from the water the horizon was pretty much obscured. This one is facing a little west of south approximately between Rochester, N.Y and Niagara Falls which would both be about 35 - 40 miles distant on the south side of the lake.
Last night and today we've had bands of heavy rain and thunderstorms passing through. It's supposed to clear today through the afternoon. I've invited Mom over for an early Mother's Day dinner - there's a roast out thawing and heading for the oven later on. There's a trip to the store soon to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies and some sweets for dessert.
To all you moms who check in here - enjoy your day Sunday!!


Friday, May 08, 2009


The mysterious stone figures known as inuksuit can be found throughout the circumpolar world. Inukshuk, the singular of inuksuit, means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. They are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path." Credit to 'The Inukshuk Gallery' for the quote.

More and more over the last 25 years these stone symbols have become more popular and crept into the common consciousness. You used to see them rarely while driving on northern roads and usually on the horizon where they would catch your eye. Now they pop up all over. Their original intent in the far north was as a sort of assurance that someone had passed this way before - keep going. The one above was made by one of our clients from some simple building materials he had at hand - keep going.

The inukshuk has been adopted as the official symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Find Your Own Path

Time is short this morning again. Yesterday was spent grubbing around in the dirt while sorting out a couple of garden areas - not so interesting to write about perhaps. Soooo.... here's another shot stolen from my daughter's Facebook page which I just love. It's her son Z walking the independent walk. (Hmmm... now if I just had some airfare, I'd surprise them with a visit.)

Oh, while on an errand yesterday I stopped in to an art supply store carrying yb's material list in my grubby hand. I checked out all they had to offer and came away with a different assortment of materials. A variety pack of conte crayons, another pack of oil pastels, a kids watercolour set and another basic set of markers. I could have spent hours there and spent a whack of money but I tore myself away. The clerk and I had quite a long chat and reviewed yb's list - he explained some of the features of those pens - good guy.

Anyway - brand new day but wet today. I might get some time checking out those new toys afterall. Later.....